Meta Main Street

While working on the team at , I participated in the wireframe-ing, build-out, and deployment of a unique project sponsored by , facilitated by .

My primary role was to enhance the frontend infrastructure for use amongst the entire dev team, create svgs animations, and debug/enhance a scene.


Qgiv Donation Forms

While working as a Frontend Engineer at I was given the role of Technical Lead on the donation forms redesign project. The main goal of the project was to re-architect the donation forms frontend from scratch using .

Responsibilities of this role included:

  • Collaborating with backend devs to create a RESTful api for use on the new frontend.
  • Collaborating with the devops team to integrate a frontend build process into the existing platform's CI/CD workflow.
  • Architecting a codebase of React components for use amongst all frontend projects.
  • Code review and overseeing pull requests.

Grindley Williams Engineering

This site was built using a .

Using Squarespace's developer mode allowed the end user to leverage Squarespace's WYSIWY CMS system without the design constraint of a cookie-cutter, pre-built template.


Rodda Construction, Inc.

This site was built using a .

This client had a few unique design ideas for us to implement. Using Squarespace's developer mode allowed us to break out of the default blocks offered by Squarespace's CMS and instead, build out our own sliders, content sections, and feeds.


Lloyd Goldstein

This site was built using a .

This site was my first experimentation with building Squarespace sites using Developer Mode. Using the flexibility of starting with a blank template, I built out a one-of-a-kind site, purpose built for the client, all hosted on the Squarespace platform.